Fishbowl Press Poetry (official poetry blog of Fishbowl Press)

fishbowl press poetryThe “brainchild” of Fishbowl Press’ Editor-in-Chief Josh Rodriguez and newly appointed Poetry Editor David Estringel, Fishbowl Press Poetry was created as a vehicle to engage the poetry community as Fishbowl Press starts to incorporate verse into its current platform. Traditionally, our focus has been on publishing outstanding short fiction prose pieces and it wasn’t until recently that the inclusion of poetry into the mix was enthusiastically entertained.

Apart from regular “Calls for Submission”, we aim to include other features at Fishbowl Press Poetry, including regular updates and happenings at Fishbowl Press (regarding poetry) and maybe some “extras” to complement our weekly “Featured Poet” pieces at Fishbowl Press. We are excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to see where things will take us.

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Thanks for coming along for the ride!