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cropped-fishbowl-press.jpgFishbowl Press should be seen as a vehicle for examining American life (or life in general) from the inside looking out. Life in a fishbowl. We value literature that is weird and evocative and impactful. We like things that make us think and feel and experience all those strange human sensations elicited by quality work.

We want to put out all kinds of work of all kinds of genres written by all kinds of people. We’re not particularly interested in science-fiction, fantasy, or horror, though we’re more than open to being persuaded if the work is a good fit (full disclosure: we have a special weakness for magic realism).

We’re particularly interested in work that synthesizes functionality and aesthetics to maximize impact. Work that conveys and communicates truths and themes pertinent to the human condition and how we relate to the world, and how we get by in it. Kind of like the Bauhaus ethos.

Let the words sing, but make sure they sing something substantial. 

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