5 poems and interview with the talented R. M. Engelhardt!!!

September 11, 2019 – Fishbowl Press Poetry is pleased to present our second “Featured Poet of the Week” for September 2019 R. M. Engelhardt.

R. M. Engelhardt is a poet, writer, author, and minister, who lives in Upstate New York. Over the last 25 years, R. M. Engelhardt has been published in such magazines as Thunder Sandwich, Rusty Truck, Writers’ Resist, Dry Land Lit, Hobo Camp Review, Cajun Mutt Press, The Outlaw Poetry Network & many others. His new book Dark Lands, published by Whiskey City Press, is available at Lulu and, soon, on Amazon.

Take a look at his striking poems this week at Fishbowl Press Poetry, which will be published at Fishbowl Press soon on our updated website. Featured pieces include, “PROCESS”, “THE OMINOUS FATE OF MR. ROACH”, “FINDING RELIGION”, “SUTURE”, and “OBLIVION”. We are beyond thrilled to share his work and consider ourselves quite lucky to showcase this amazing talent.

Thanks for hanging your hat with us for a while, R. M.!

New (and subtly naughty) poem “Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!)” published today at Cajun Mutt Press today!!!

September 3, 2019 – The brand new poem Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!)” was published today at Cajun Mutt Press. While a tiny bit “blue”, it is more a fanatic love letter to poets everywhere than anything, really, for all the “ear candy” they give us (though there are also a couple more underlying narratives imbedded in there as well). 

This is the third creative piece of mine that reflects bits and pieces of my cultural identity — relatively new territory for me in terms of writing, but I am starting to have some fun (and take some risks) with it. Previous pieces include the short story “When Blood Wants Blood” (originally published at Down in the Dirt – vol 164 “The Deep Woods”) and the prose poem “Digging for Lost Temples” (soon to be published at Drunk Monkeys). I have one or two more pieces to toss around in my head before pen hits paper. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

“Featured Poet of the Week” (6/12/19) James D. Casey IV at Fishbowl Press!!!

jdc-ivFishbowl Press is completely stoked to bring you our second “Featured Poet of the Week” James D. Casey IV, an accomplished poet, author, and Editor-in-Chief at Cajun Mutt Press (one of our favorite small presses)! Take a look at his offerings this week of “Voluntary Madness Sink Into Me”, “A Knife Into My Darkness”, “Young Steve Earle=Sam Rockwell”, “Black & White Rainbows”, and “Aces & 8s” from his new book of poetry Unwritten Words That Slide Down the Wall, NOW available on Amazon.com, as well as his in-depth interview about his work and his creative life and process.

We look forward to his contributing more of his amazing work to Fishbowl Press in the future. We are currently amassing a vast portfolio of scandalous Jr. High pictures of him to ensure that happens. Thank you for your words, Charles!